Titles and Introductions… of a sort

Why, “TheGirlandTheWolf”?

It goes back to one of my previous attempts at a single subject blog.

Inspired by my own struggles with being an introvert in an extrovert’s world, I wanted to write about human psychology, and more specifically, the duality of human nature.
I wanted to explore how none of us are what we appear on the outside, and how everyone has some sort of contrary nature to them.

Living in modern society often forces us humans to challenge, forgo, and break many of the behaviors that have been instilled in us by evolution, to survive the wild world of our ancestors.

Hence, the girl, and the wolf. The duality of human nature.

That particular blog never really went far, for… a variety of reason. But I still like the title, and the idea.

It still fits.

Some times the girl takes over, some times the wolf. They both have their place.

And here is the place for both of them roam.